Marital life and sex.

“The husbands have duties upon their wives or rights upon their wives. The first one is obedience” “We will tell the truth and only the truth. Other thing she has to obey on the husband when he needs her in bed.” Watch Video

Abdi hersy

Tearing hymen in Paradise

“Now I want to give you a little description of the black-eyed virgins in Paradise” “You don’t look like the black eyed virgins of paradise keep the niqab on” Watch Video

Said regeah

Toronto imams agree on child marriage

“Once we delay marriage it brings in corruption. Worse than that you end up with lesbianism homosexuality” Watch Video

Bilal Philips

Toronto Police Chaplain on child marriage

“a 9-10 year-old back then is what most 20-30 year olds are now. Okay. The maturity level is completely different… But back then a nine-year-old, you know, you were mature enough and you could get married you could have a child” Watch Video

Musleh Khan

Hijab can be liberating.

The next level of hijab is that the woman need to come out of her house, and that’s going to happen…When she comes out she should conceal herself entirely. Watch Video

Imam Aasim Rashid