Islam will overpower European & Christian Nations

“The madhi will succeed in over coming the forces of other nations; wether it is Europe or Christian nations”

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Bilal Philips

Muslims in Canada why?


“They thought these people were good, righteous people. This is why it is so scary because there is a fine line between fanaticism and righteousness. That line is difficult to distinguish”

Yasir Qadhi

Muslim Americans will Attack America

“America has a certain agenda; that agenda will not rub (American) Muslim population positively. So there will be repercussions. Those repricusions we will see and we continue to see. Radicalism as we all know as Muslim community does not come because the Koran tells you to be radical. Radicalism comes from political grievances.”

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Yasir Qadhi

Shiiit imam explains Ramadan

“They commit this abomination and they feel proud of it. My brothers and sisters it is not the time to live in coexistence with them; it is time for us to pick up the stones and stone these people to death.”

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Zafar Bangash

Jihad true meaning

“Then struggle against wrong in the community and then help the government or the authority to establish justice and peace for all” 

NCCM (organization)“Islam allows for jihad in the form of military action in self-defense only”

ICNA (organization) “The objective of jihad… Warrants that one must struggle against kufr [disbelief] and shirk [polytheism] and the worship of false hoods in all forms.” “This Hadith strongly refutes the people who distort the Islamic concept of jihad and hold that Islam preaches defensive war only.”Watch Video

Syed soharwardy

Jihad true meaning

“Jihad is an honourable struggle and resistance against oppressors and those who opposed of the peaceful spread of Allah’s word and faith in him and his religion of Islam” Watch Video

Human rights in Islam (book)

Jihad true meaning

“Claimed to be a false prophet his name is Ghulam Ahmad… He tries to kill  the jihad not by political terms… But by creating another religious term to demonize jihad.” Watch Video


Jihad true meaning

“There are some Muslims among Us these days who wants to go around and say “Oh Islam was never spread by the sword.” Watch Video

Suleiman Anwar bengharsa

Chopping hands differing perspectives

“Allows for jihad… In defense of faith and religion… Jihad is only for just reasons to protect Islam and Muslims and to spread the message of Islam and the word of Allah” Watch Video

Book human rights in Islam

Muslims confuse integration with assimilation?

Watch Video“When we confuse integration with assimilation some mistakes we do. When we get down to this question just to face our situation and get the green card the citizenship. Sometimes we marry some girl some lady” “The scholars talk about the difference between the land of Islam and the land of conflict.”

Mustafa Khattab