Muslims in Canada why?


“They thought these people were good, righteous people. This is why it is so scary because there is a fine line between fanaticism and righteousness. That line is difficult to distinguish”

Yasir Qadhi

Grow Beard & no Questions

“Do you question why the Prophet told you “Grow your beard?”  That is a serious thought. It is a wrong thought. It is from shatan”   Watch Video

Bilal Philips

What may trigger demons?

“Scholars of Islam talk about demons all the time; they categorize some of the main reasons why somebody could potentially get possessed.” Demons can procreate they can get married they are literally just like human beings but they are a nation that we just can’t see.” Watch Video

Musleh Khan

Filth and impurity of non-Muslims

Why are non-Muslims in the Masjid? You know they’re filthy why are they here… They might be in their menstrual cycles” “so this is referring to their internal filth not their external filth” Watch Video

Yusuf badat

Filth and impurity of non-Muslims

the life and property of a mushrikeen holds no value in a state of jihad… I have been commanded to fight the people till they say… then their life and property become protected from me… Christians do commit to shirk they are kuffar and they are mushrik they are najas filthy they can only be purified by… Watch Video

Yasir Qadhi

Muslims are racist against blacks

“I began to notice some real tribalism that could border on racism within the Muslims” “In Arabic they’ll use the word abd when they see a black person… In colloquial that means a slave” Watch Video

Hakim quick

Allowed vote

“You voted for that filthy non-muslim. why? He or she approves of homosexualitu… They are all evil every single one of them.” Watch Video

Younus Kathrada

Make Orphans

“Oh Allah destroy the accursed Jews… Oh Allah, kill them one by one. Do not leave a single one of them. Oh Allah, turn their children into orphans and their women into widows” Watch Video

Make Orphans

Imam Teaches non Integration

“What can you do with unity? You can do a lot. With 500.000 Muslims you can control the foreign policy of this country   Watch Video

Said Regeah