We explore the world of Islam from the perspective of the Muslim leaders. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the finer subtitles that truly distinguish western civilization from the world of Islam.
We provide authentic and diverse resources from the Canadian Islamic Muslim community. Whether you are Muslim or not, if you are seeking to learn more about Islam, we will provide you with just the right resources to get started.


There are so many misconceptions and incorrect beliefs about Islam that it is difficult to know what Islam truly teaches even for many Muslims. Learning Islam is rich in resources for Muslims and non Muslims seeking to learn directly from Imams and scholars. Learning Islam has assembled a vast library of sources, which is continuously growing and speaks on virtually every topic.
Most topics are covered by several Imams & scholars that have varying perspectives. Our goal is to offer many scholarly voices and diverse schools of thought so that you may form a knowledgeable and informed opinion of your own.


We hope, together, to foster an understanding that Islam is not a monolithic religion, that diversity of thought and opinion is accepted within the parameters of Islamic thought. We seek to engender an appreciation and acceptance that within the Muslim culture there exist fundamental tenants that are held by all Muslims.


The answer to these and many more of your questions will be answered by the teachings insights and wisdoms contained herein. However you must clear your mind of doubt and skepticism and enter with a pure heart and a seeking spirit.