Shiite imam explains Ramadan

“Can we have coexistence with such people? My brothers and sisters it is not time to live in coexistence with them it is time for us to pick up the stones…” Watch Video

Zafar Bangash

LGBTQ tolerate Islamic condemnation

“Canada has crossed all of the limits any remark against this sickness would be considered death of any politician no one dares to speak out against this disease against this epidemic… Of same-sex fanatics” Watch Video

Hacene Chebbani

Can Islam accept lgbtq

“we believe firmly, wholeheartedly, definitely, blatantly, obviously, willingly that homosexuality if done in practice is sinful we will never back down from that” Watch Video

Mohammad Hijab

Imam laws regarding lgbtq

The punishment is one of five things. One, the easiest one maybe is chop off their head. Second, is burn them to death. Third, throw them off a cliff. 4th, tear down the wall on them so they die. And fifth all of the above… We have a Hadith for that” Watch Video

Hamza Sodagar