“Together, we will fight Islamophobia – we will defeat the irrational fear”

Learning Islam seeks to enlighten the Canadian community on the authentic tenets and teachings of Islam. We gather literature, sermons & teachings presented by authoritative and diverse Canadian Islamic Muslim Sources. Occasionally, we learn the views, teachings and interpretations of Imams & scholars from places other than Canada whose teachings have been disseminated or promoted in Canada.

We believe the fight against Islamophobia isn’t about charity but about fundamental justice, liberty & survival of democracy. LearningIslam.ca will work tirelessly toward eliminating or mitigating the phobias associated with Islamophobia, Learning Islam will do this by sharing and listening, along with you, to the voices and teachings of senior Canadian Imams and scholars and authoritative Muslim organizations.

Learning Islam presents solely the voices of authentic diverse and reliable members of the Canadian Islamic community. The power of phobias [irrational thinking] will be weakened with knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the fundamental message of Islam.


We want to build a world free from religious prejudice.

LearningIslam.ca is not only about sharing information. We seek to share with you a true appreciation for the nuances and an understanding that can only be attained by hearing the spoken word that is accompanied with emotional vibrancy and passion. We seek to expose the profound bias that is rooted in misconceptions that lead to phobias that give rise to Islamophobia.


To promote better understanding of Islam and eliminate Islamophobia one step at a time

We at LearningIslam.ca are cognizant of the fact that Sunni & Shia Muslims make up the largest demographic of the Canadian Muslim community. Therefore, to better understand what ultimate contribution Islam will make to the diverse multicultural mosaic that is Canada, we focus primarily on the Sunni & Shia teachings that influence the vast majority of the followers of Mohammad (PBUH).


Misconceptions often stem from the action or perceived behaviors of a certain percentage of the Muslim community which in turn are interpreted as the teachings of Islam. This continues to happen despite efforts of the Muslim community to promote and project an alternative image of Islam as a religion of peace. The goal of LearningIslam.ca is to eliminate any misconceptions about the religion of Mohammad and help Canada transition into a society that more wholly understands and fully appreciates the underlying message of the Islamic societal aspirations that underlie the teachings, sermons & writings of Canadian Imams and scholars. LearningIslam.ca will achieve this by:

  • Sharing authentic & diverse Islamic sources
  • Countering misguided misinformation being circulated about Islam
  • Distinguishing & highlighting problematic behaviors within the Muslim culture from that of the religion
  • Exposing members of the Islamic community on the true teachings of Islam
  • Promoting Islamic tolerance for diversity of opinion and perspective


Misconceptions can lead to erroneous conclusions. I in the past came to a conclusion about Islam based on information disseminated by Middle Eastern & Asian teachings. These conclusions led to actions that in turn led to regrettable events. Since that time I have embarked on a journey to know, learn and understand the Islam that is uniquely enriching the multicultural diversity of Canada.

The printed words of the Quran, the narrations of the companions, the words and the deeds of the prophet Muhammad are intricately, painstakingly and thoroughly explained and transmitted by senior accredited Imams and scholars that are most respected by the world-wide Muslim brotherhood of Islam. These Canadian Muslim leaders are involved in shaping the world-wide brotherhood of Islam and in return the world-wide brotherhood of Islam extends influence to aid and guide the Muslim community [Umma] in Canada.

At LearningIslam.ca we explore the tenets of Islam from the perspective of senior accredited Muslim leaders. If you decide to learn along with us you will gain an opportunity to appreciate the finer subtitles that truly distinguish western civilization from the fascinating world of Islam.

I have accepted that Islam is contributing to the fabric of Canada under the auspices of diversity, acceptance, tolerance and multiculturalism. I would like to acknowledge the contribution that multiculturalism along with Islam and the Muslims community brings to Canada. I thirst to learn from authentic, diverse, influential Canadian Sheiks, Emirs, Imams and scholars.

The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) transmitted the message of Allah. That message is Islam. Islam is expanding rapidly as it once did. Today the powerful religion of Islam, the word of Allah, (MHNBE) as dictated by his messenger the Prophet Mohammad, (PBUH) is bringing about great political, social and religious reforms.

Join me on my journey to explore and learn the fascinating aspect of a religion that is shaping Canada and the world.